Since the enactment of the new Constitution of Ecuador in 2008, the legal frame has taken on many changes. We now have multiple bills with diverse scopes, all regulated in agreement with the new Constitution. It is important to monitor these projects, their discussion and approval, as well as to inform our clients in due time. We´ve participated in the socialization stage of these bills with analytical and technical-legal criteria, with positive results for some of the industrial sectors and the Ecuadorian State. Additionally, we identify and alert our clients on possible internal enterprise actions, allowing us to adapt to the new laws and to help elaborate an internal plan closer to reality.

Our services include:

  • Bill analysis, change comparison proposed with regards to current legislation, study of relevant compared legislation, doctrines and jurisprudence.
  • Appearance in a specific commission of the National Assembly by means of a formal hearing required within the period of socialization: preamble (reasons) and recommendations.
  • Contribution of studies and criteria to the National Assembly and Executive Branch.
  • Legislative monitoring of law enactment, including our presence during the first and second debates.
  • Identification of major items during the whole process.
  • Recommendations for internal enterprise actions as well as preventive suggestions for business.
  • Weekly reports until the enactment of the corresponding Law.

On the other hand, we provide services related to the issuance of regulations that include mainly the following:

  • Analysis of Laws passed, and identification of regulatory requirements.
  • Analysis of draft regulations, study, identification and presentation of legal technical criteria.
  • Study of comparative law regulations as applicable.


Cecilia Falconi