In Ecuador, competition is regulated through control of market power. We advise our clients in this matter, mainly companies, in connection with:

  • Interpretation of the concept of “market power”, determination and abuse.
  • Agreements and restrictive practices.
  • Unfair practices.
  • Actions from the State and Government assistance.
  • Public policies: control, monitoring, and sanction.
  • Procedures before the Superintendence of Control of the Market Power.
  • Appeals either in administrative headquarters or in Court.
  • Civil and criminal responsibility; corrective measures and sanctions.

We provide preventive counseling, which enables companies to have accurate information about the corrective measures that must be considered and implemented to prevent possible actions by the State.

When dealing with unfair competition, we focus mainly on intellectual property. We identify possible acts of unfair competition through market surveillance of products and services and advise legal action for our clients according to each case.