We specialize in alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as: arbitration and mediation. Mediation allows reaching consensual agreements avoiding the cost and uncertainty of litigation. In the case of arbitration, there are obvious advantages compared to litigation in ordinary courts, such as having impartial and independent referees, a neutral forum, privacy, flexibility and particularly speed in obtaining a decision, which can be executed necessarily. Nowadays, arbitration is the preferred way of resolving business or individual conflicts.

Ecuador has authorized centers for arbitration and mediation in several national and bi-national Chambers, and we have experience in ad-hoc or independently scheduled arbitrations.

Our services include:

  • Advice on mediation processes.
  • Representation in procedures of arbitral litigation, both as actor or representing defendants.
  • Arbitration agreements and prevention of controversies.
  • Collaborate with third parties as arbitrators and mediators for domestic and international conflict resolution.

Several of our lawyers are mediators or referees for various centers. We offer a deeper insight into alternative dispute resolution, identifying opportunities and ensuring efficient closure to customer disputes.