We have a “full service” IP practice, which encompasses all types of IP rights such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, plant varietals, etc.  We have a strong prosecution practice as well as sophisticated litigation capabilities.

Our services include:


We perform audits of our client´s IP assets by: (1) establishing which registrations are in force and which applications are pending, as well as the reasons why a proceeding may be pending (formal objections, substantive objections, oppositions filed by third parties, etc); and (2) verifying which products and services are being offered by the client in the Ecuadorian marketplace, the trademarks used, designs, slogans, among others, which are not duly protected.

As a result of the audit, a report is produced with a summary of the client´s IP situation and specific actions are suggested with the purpose of obtaining watertight IP protection and to overcome any obstacles in the acquisition of IP rights.


 A key component of our services is the continuous maintenance of our client´s IP rights.

We handle detailed information of the legal matters under our responsibility through state- of-the-art computerized databases.  Our clients’ files are completely digitized, so prompt and secure access is always available to our staff.

The use of advanced technology has enabled us to be efficient in the delivery of services. We are quick in responding to our clients and highly reliable in the management of legal terms.  We can usually  provide case status reports within a few minutes.


We have represented, literally, hundreds of companies and individuals in IP litigation proceedings, acting both as plaintiff’s counsel and s counsel for the defendants. 

We have obtained favorable rulings for our clients in complex cases that have involved, among others: unauthorized registrations by third parties; counterfeiting of goods; imitation of trademarks, designs, trade-dress, etc.; trademark dilution; unfair competition; protection of well-known marks; and infringement of product and process patent claims.

Our experience includes litigation at the appeal chambers of the Ecuadorian Intellectual Property Institute, at administrative courts, civil courts and the National Court of Justice (Supreme Court).  Our practice also includes arbitration proceedings.


We can provide comprehensive trademark search reports using our in-house database.  We have information available for all trademarks that have been registered in Ecuador, from the first trademark registration made in the 19th century up to the last registrations issued.  In addition, we have information available on all marks that have been filed and published in Ecuador but which have not necessarily yet matured to registration.

 Our comprehensive database enables us to provide trademark registration opinions very quickly, without having, necessarily, to wait for the official results of the local Trademark Office, which  can often be incomplete (In Ecuador there is no official online TM database).


We are frequently involved with our local clients in training events for their personnel on best practices for the protection of their IP rights.  In the future, we will be providing on-line training (webinars) for our clients.


We provide trademark watch services for our clients’ trademark portfolios in Ecuador  free of charge.   Clients receive reports on identical and confusingly similar applications that are being filed by third parties with an opinion on chances of success, so legal action may be initiated promptly.

For a modest additional fee, we also offer a worldwide trademark watch service.