Protection and Intellectual Property Litigations

The litigation team of Falconi Puig has a successful record in litigations for trademarks infringement, copyrights, and patents.  Our intellectual property litigation lawyers are ready and able to handle any matter relating intellectual property, as well as advising clients on strategies and procedures to meet their business objectives effectively and efficiently.

We offer creative solutions to counterbalance infringements and counterfeiting.  We work with a network of investigators to identify infringing or counterfeit products on the market, and the origin of such products.  With uncompromising integrity, we maintain excellent relations with the different judicial institutions in Ecuador, which is invaluable to proceed with legal actions.

We assist several national and multinational industries to protect their intellectual property assets through the efficient management of complex cases before various authorities, administrative, judicial and governmental.


We understand that our clients are looking for practical business solutions and consequently the range of our litigation services include:

  • Survey of Information and Strategic Planning.
  • Preliminary research.
  • Administrative procedures, judicial and governmental.
  • Negotiation and resolution through alternative methods of dispute resolution.
  • Actions against counterfeiting and piracy.
  • Border control.
  • Cancellation procedures and voiding.
  • Opposition and Administrative Appeals.
  • Preparation and prosecution of litigation.
  • Strategic Negotiation.