Production, Commerce and Investments

On December 29, 2010 Ecuador enacted the Organic Code of Production, Commerce and Investments that repealed, among others, the Law on Promotion and Guarantee of Investments, the Organic Customs Law, the Free Zones Law, and the Foreign Trade and Investments Law.  In addition, the Organic Law on Taxation was amended establishing several types of tax incentives, as well as the Labor Code.


This Code includes rules on:

  • Productive development, mechanisms and competition bodies
  • Development of productive investment and its instruments, general and special tax rules, general incentives, sectorial and other specific ones.
  • The creation of Special Zones of Economic Development (ZEDES), its administration and operation.
  • Business development of micro, small and medium enterprises and the democratization of production
  • Foreign trade, its control units and instruments
  • Systemic competitiveness and of customs facilitation
  • Sustainability of production and its report with the ecosystem


Falconi Puig is ready to assist our clients in:

  • Analysis and strategies so that new investments are beneficiary of the different types of tax incentives.
  • Identification of opportunities in relation to its area of production: Agenda of meetings with complementary productive sectors and strategic sectors established in the Code and in the Agenda for the Productive Transformation, which includes, for example: Universities, agricultural sectors, industrial, commercial, public institutions, with the purpose of establishing possibilities of collaboration by means of strategic alliances and financing.
  • Advice in the elaboration of productive projects.


Services of Advice in writing of agreements or strategic alliances; advice in legal proceedings: investments (new), incentives, ZEDES, strategic customs, tributary, strategic alliances with others.